Here Are Some Roof Designs You Can Choose For Your Home

In building a house, you certainly need to consider the roof as an important part of the house. However, if the roof of the house has a problem, then all you need to do is handle it immediately. You can use the denver roofing contractor service for maximum handling.

There are several types of roof designs that you can choose according to your needs.

– Roof saddle

Saddle roof is a design that is very commonly used in homes in Indonesia. This roof has a two-trapezoidal surface with a slope of 30-40 degrees. Called the gable because it is said to resemble a stand on a horse’s back (saddle).

– Shield roof
Just like a saddle, the roof shield design is quite often applied at home. This roof has a surface shape which consists of two parallelograms on the side and two triangles on the front which converge at one point.

– Limas roof
As time went on and the trend changed, a roof design with a single, sloping surface was created. This type of roof is now widely applied to minimalist houses with a modern design.