The Beginning of Masquerade Party

There is a strange tradition of the bourgeois group known as the Mask Party. The Mask Party tradition is one of the many traditions of the bourgeois groups of Europe that are practiced for generations. Initially, the Mask Festival was only held and was followed by nobles or high-society groups residing in the Florence area. Some sources say if Masquerade Party Ball develops much in the Venice area. The name of the Mask Party itself was known only after entering the 16th century, or when the early period of the Renaissance began. Of the many noble party traditions in Europe, the Mask Party includes a tradition that until now still exist that preserve, even have many developments.

The traditional values contained in the mask party are not simply part of the bourgeois lifestyle in Europe. The masked party is one of the symbols of classical style art whose time ended when the Renaissance began. Masquerade Party Ball or Masquerade Party Ball is held every February. The attendees are generally those who are registered as members of the community who organize the event. You can get karnevalové masky on our website.