The promising business opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia’s latest economic news that is currently viral and rising is an opportunity for business in 2018. The year in which Indonesia faces many tough challenges but it is suitable to be a business opportunity, especially if you want to start a company in Indonesia.

Here are some of the right business opportunities in the election year:

1. Food Truck

Maybe you do not know what this business, a food truck is a culinary business sold on a large open car. Several sights and shopping centers that have a large area also often hold food truck festival. Especially if you provide a small hangout perhaps the teenagers who like hanging out will feel at your place.

The culinary business opportunity this one, of course, the required capital is not too big, the most important you have to have a large car open. This business opportunity is huge. Moreover, in 2018 will be held the world cup and the election will surely be a lot of gathering and hanging out together.

2. Campaign Equipment Business Opportunity

The existence of the internet and digital media has been very dominating, but conventional promotional media such as posters, billboards, pamphlets and others are still needed. Especially in the near future many regions that hold elections, of course, there will be many political cadres who need billboards, posters and more. It is a great opportunity for you to sell the services of billboards, posters and other campaign tools. From there you can achieve a sizeable profit. If your capital is not enough, you can start it by working with an existing printing screen printing company.

3. Business T-shirt And Accessories

Campaigns aim to appeal to potential voters, to do so does not require a small amount of capital. Prospective chiefs will usually give t-shirts, hats and other accessories for promotions. You can make it a promising business opportunity by selling election t-shirts. Give an attractive price so the successful teams order t-shirts for you.

4. Rent Party Supplies

The campaign team will definitely need a stage, sound system, and other equipment. Therefore, rental services party supplies will be much sought after. The capital needed for a business like this would require substantial funds. For that, you need to borrow funds from banks and joint ventures with relatives.