Things That Can Help You Get the Right Tent

In conducting a trip and outdoor activities that take a long time, tents brisbane is an important tool. Tents are also widely used for certain occasions. Then, how do we know the characteristics of tents that are suitable for our needs? Maybe the following things can be criteria:

1. Material Tent

We should choose a tent made of strong nylon so it can provide comfort, especially in terms of the ability to keep the temperature inside the tent.

2. Have Cover or Flysheet

Tents for mountain climbing should have a cover sheet or flysheet that can cover the outer tent, so it will protect the body of the tent itself, especially during rain or storm. With the flysheet or cover this, then our tent will have two layers of cover/flysheet on the outside and the body of the tent inside. Flysheets are useful for protecting the inner tent from rain and moist air, a good flysheet is that covers the entire tent down to the bottom.

3. High Tents

The height of the tent is usually determined by the function and usefulness of the tent. The point is, tents designed to climb mountains generally have a lower altitude than a tent for camping. It is intended that the climbing tent is able to survive in a strong wind that is usually more intense than the camping site.

4. Have Stakes and Ropes

Certainly, we want tents to stand firm even in extreme weather such as storms and rain. Well for that, tent body must be reinforced by pegs equipped with reinforcement cords.

5. Has a terrace

This may be optional, but with a patio in our tent we will have more space inside, or we can also use to store footwear and other equipment there. Terrace tent can also be a kitchen tent, so we can do cooking activities during rainy weather and impossible to cook outside the tent.

6. Color

Although not a vital point, but the color selection of tents sometimes also become one thing that needs serious attention. For certain people, the color becomes something that can not be underestimated. Here we should choose a tent that has colors in accordance with our colors, so when using the tent will feel comfortable and not tormented with colors that do not fit with our tastes.