The hallucinogenic effect of Ayahuasca

Within half an hour after consuming the plant, ayahuasca tea will begin to give a hallucinatory effect, and its effect works for six hours. However, interestingly from the hallucination, the effects produced do not work like LSD. People with Ayahuasca as a whole are conscious. that they experience hallucinations. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to visit to know more about this amazing medicinal plant.

And they will be more accepting of their situation and situation at that time. Compared to the sense of flying, they feel more of their past experiences, like emotions, and find peace in their souls.

People have told stories about their experiences during their “trip”, and their stories are mixed between good and bad scenarios.

As you can expect, when someone enters the realm of his or her own mind, you can expect that many things can be quite unfamiliar and even scary. Therefore, it’s advised for anyone who is not ready to consume the tea to never consume it recklessly, especially without the proper amount and without the supervision of an expert or some sort.

Ayahuasca should be consumed carefully

As one of the most popular medicinal plants in the world, Ayahuasca is surely gaining more attentions compared to the others. It’s not only due to the rumors that it can be used for curing many diseases, but it also helps people to break free from their addictions, as well as refreshing their “spiritual” part of themselves. In the meantime, you may go to to find a popular Ayahuasca healing center.

Unfortunately, due to its attention, there are also some people who have abused its hallucinogen properties recklessly. As you can expect, some irresponsible individuals have used the ancient plant for dangerous and useless things like getting high during some parties, all the while they may also sell Ayahuasca to the shady retreat centers that don’t even care about the safety of their clients. Due to its high hallucinogenic compounds, it’s advised that one only consumes Ayahuasca under the supervision of the experts, or at least be accompanied by a trusted and licensed pharmacist in the process. The effect of taking too much dose of Ayahuasca can be severe, and it won’t just damage one’s body, but that person’s minds may get hurt as well.